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A BETTER MAN | Louise Penny
A BETTER MAN | Louise Penny


Publié par Sphere, le 02 juillet 2020

400 pages


Gripping and full of suspense, A BETTER MAN is the spellbinding new crime thriller from New York Times number one bestseller, Louise Penny ...... ' She makes most of her competitors seem like wannabes ' THE TIMES 'Louise Penny is one of the greatest crime writers of our times' DENISE MINA The air is unbearably tense as Armand Gamache returns to the SAretAc du QuAcbec for his first day of work since being demoted from its command to head of homicide. Amid blistering personal social media attacks, Gamache sets out on his first assignment. He has been tasked with finding a missing woman, but while he leads the search for Vivienne Godin, Three Pines itself is threatened when the river breaks its banks, and a province-wide emergency is declared. As the waters rise, a body is discovered - and the victim's distraught father contemplates a murder of his own. Gamache is a father himself, and is haunted by a question . . . what would he do, if his child's killer might walk free? _____________ Praise for the award-winning Chief Inspector Armand Gamache series: 'Gamache has become to Canada what Hercule Poirot is to Belgium' The New York Times 'The series is deep and grand and altogether extraordinary . . . Miraculous' Washington Post ' Fascinating characters, a twisty plot and wonderful surprise endings' Ann Cleeves 'Supremely satisfying ' Observer

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